System for Reading Hip Xrays

System for reading hip Xrays

  • Verify patient and laterality

  • If you’re in conference

    • Say what views you are seeing

    • Skeletal maturity

    • The most correct answer for what is going on

  • Go back over the image in a systematic way

  • Look at the acetabulum

  • Then hip joint

  • Review Shenton’s line, picture below

Shenton’s line

  • From proximal to distal outline cortices and medullary space looking for abnormalities

    • Femoral head

    • Femoral neck

    • Trochanteric region

    • Subtrochanteric region

    • Distal femur

  • Review visible soft tissue from top to bottom, cranial to caudal

Here is a video that helps explain some of the concepts: Reading Hip Xrays


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