“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

The Ortho Forge - All Access

The Ortho Forge is an all-access pass to learn and discuss topics in orthopedic surgery in a dynamic environment. Join us in making a positive impact on orthopedic surgery education around the world.

  • Private community
  • Access to all present and future courses
  • Detailed procedural walkthroughs
  • Ortho topic discussions
  • Mentorship
  • Wellness Focus
  • Coaching

As more content is added, the price will go up over time.

$150 Lifetime Access

"As the founder of this platform, I couldn't be prouder of the impact it has had on aspiring orthopedic surgeons and residents alike. What started as an idea to provide quality education and mentorship has grown into a vibrant community. Seeing members thrive, achieve their goals, and support each other is incredibly rewarding. It's a testament to the dedication and passion of our members that makes this platform what it is today. I'm excited about the future and the positive influence we'll continue to have on orthopedic education and mentorship."
Drew Albert MD

Course Descriptions

Xray Reading For the Ortho Surgeon

  • How to Read X-rays Like an Ortho Surgeon
  • Xray Philosophy and a Systematic Approach
  • How to Read Wrist X-rays
  • How to Read Forearm X-rays
  • How to Read Elbow Xrays
  • How to Read Shoulder Xrays
  • How to Read Clavicle Xrays
  • How to Read Pelvis Xrays
  • How to Read Hip Xrays  
  • How to Read Femur Xrays  
  • How to Read Knee Xrays  
  • How to Read Tibia/Fibula Xrays 
  • How to Read Ankle Xrays  
  • How to Read Foot Xrays  

Ortho Trauma Course

  • Ortho Trauma Survival Guide
  • Ortho Conditioning: Need to know classifications
  • Ortho Emergencies
  • Highest Yield Ortho Trauma Topics
  • Ortho OR Instruments


  • Distal radius reduction and splinting
  • Ankle reduction and splinting
  • Traction pins
  • Knee arthrocentesis
  • Ankle arthrocentesis 
  • Splint techniques
    • Sugartong
    • Long arm splinting
    • Ulnar gutter splints
    • Short leg splints
    • Bulky jones splints
    • Long leg splints
    • Coaptation splints
    • Short and long arm casting
    • Short and long leg casting

Career Advancement Tactics and Strategies

  • Away rotations and how to excel (Coming Soon)
  • Interviewing tactics (Coming Soon)
  • Application tactics (Coming Soon)
  • CV templates

Why Us?

Ortho Content We Wish We Would've Had

We are creating the “Pathoma” or “Online MedEd” of orthopedics. The Atlas Course is designed to cover high yield topics to give you a the knowledge necessary to excel in your career and to crush your away rotations.

Ortho Forge Private Group

Ask anything. Brainstorm. Find like-minded people to connect with. Unique content and opportunities not accessible elsewhere. Develop a better understanding of orthopedic surgery with dynamic, real-time discussions.

Leadership Development

We want to use our community’s expertise to make a difference in peoples’ lives. Our goal is to target the needs in our communities and raise awareness and funds to make an impact. We want our community to be known for helping others on a national or even global scale. 


It’s very difficult to find good mentors. Here we are building a network to give access to opportunities that can accelerate careers.

Career Development

Don’t go it alone. Have colleagues help give you guidance, whether it is applying to a new job, matching into residency, or innovating within the world of orthopedics.